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Travel Work - World Work Experience

Would you like to learn a language abroad?

+34 93 414 07 25 Contact from 9am to 3pm or email us to:

What do you need for leaving? / Where would you like to go?

If Europe is the chosen destination you will have to send us by email as soon as possible, in order to book your place in the selected program:

  • 1 CV in English (europass format preferably)
  • 1 motivation letter (explaining why you want to travel abroad, for how long and what you can offer so you are considered interested to be accepted, professional experience or related education, language level and about yourself (what you are like... for example: responsible, hard-working, punctual, etc.)
  • 4 passport photos smiling!
  • Passport or ID photocopy
  • Request an interview + visit to comment the programs and do an English test in our offices. All the procedures can also be done by email and phone.
  • After the interview, having checked the English level as well as the selected program, Travel Work provides a bank account number so the candidate pays the first payment for the program (between 300€ and 600€) and book a place (the payment proof must be sent by email).

Once this documentation is handed, the rest of the documentation provided by Travel Work must be filled in and returned within one week + 1 or 2 reference letter in English or the originals (and the corresponding translation) as requested by Travel Work, medical certificate, photocopy of available travel insurances or warn about not having one, police record (depending on destination).

If the destination is out of Europe a visa may be needed, so Travel Work will request also a current English level certificate, a copy of the university tuition or other degrees and some visa forms will have to be filled in, some payments at the embassies, etc. (it is better to contact Travel Work for more information).

Departures every week during the whole year. The average processing time during is 2 to 12 weeks (depending on the program). In summer it is preferable to enrol since January with 12 to 24 weeks in advance.

Accreditations and awards from some of our collaborators: