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Travel Work - World Work Experience

Would you like to learn a language abroad?

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We hope these questions and answers may clarify the information we offer about our programs.

¿Who can apply for our programs?

People aged 18 to 35, although in some programs the limit is for 40 years old.

How should my language level be to apply for a program?

The level depends on the program, but an intermediate level is preferable. Candidates with en elementary level can apply for our programs if they follow an English course in the destination country (from 4 to 12 weeks) so to reach the requested level in the job, work experience or volunteering programme.

Should I choose a program related to my education/career or experience?

It is better to choose a program according to this order: 1) English level, 2) Experience, 3) Field of studies, 4) Time, 5) Age.

Will the offer be confirmed before departing?

Yes. The company, the school and the accommodation are confirmed before departing.

What happens if I need to cancel the program before the departure date?

We offer an optional cancellation insurance that guarantees a refund if necessary.

What happens if Travel Work can not find the contracted program?

Travel Work refunds the amount corresponding to the first payment deducting 50€ for the procedures, as it appears in the initial document we sign. Anyway, this rarely happens and normally 99% of the candidates follow the selected program in the agreed period.

If I have a serious problem during my stay, who will help me?

All our programs include a local coordinator or contact telephone number in case of emergency.

Can I work if I am having unemployment benefits in Spain?

It is not legal to be registered in two different social securities at the same time. You should freeze your payments or export them. Ask in your local National Agency Office.

Why should I contract a medical insurance?

It is necessary to contract a travel insurance (to cover repatriations, civil responsibility and many more...). Travel Work inform about free 3-month options, also with possibility of contracting the travel insurance just one day before departure.

Can I apply if I do not have a European nationality?

No, we are sorry.

Can I apply if I am under 18?

For English courses and unpaid work experience (depending on destination), you can. For the job and volunteering programs, you can not.

Will I earn money so I can pay the expenses in Spain and save money?

The goal in all our programs is to improve the language level and the CV. Travel Work can not guarantee salaries or working hours as these depend on the employer's needs. Our programs offer economical ways for learning and living an experience abroad and even finance your stay in many cases; earning and saving money is not our compromise...!