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Travel Work - World Work Experience

Would you like to learn a language abroad?

+34 93 414 07 25 Contact from 9am to 3pm or email us to:

Required documentation:

It is necessary to hand in some special documentation for each program but generally it goes as follows:

  • A CV (europass format preferably) written in the language of the destination country
  • A motivation letter in the same language (explaining why the candidate wants to travel, for how long, what the candidate can offer to the company).
  • 4 passport photos
  • Passport photocopy
  • A reference letter (from previous jobs, internships, teachers, etc.)
  • A medical certificate (confirming the candidate's good physic and mental health)
  • 1st payment for the procedure fees (varying depending on the chosen program) as a compromise from the candidate for the enrolment.

More information / Travel Work procedure fees:

The procedure fees paid to Travel Work correspond with the service offered in Spain and include:

  • Revising the documentation handed by the candidate
  • Language level test (oral and/or written)
  • General information about social security, opening a bank account, rules at work and more information of interest. Handing and explanation of a handbook made by Travel Work.
  • Search for accommodation or advice for searching for accommodation (depending on the chosen program).
  • Coordinator during the stay.
  • Contracting a cancellation insurance (optional).
  • Contracting a travel insurance (optional).
  • Advice about taxes claiming once the candidate has finished the stay in the destination country.
  • Maps locating the work or the internship place and the accommodation.
  • Detailed information about how to get to the accommodation and the work place the first day.
  • Information about language schools in case the candidate wants to combine a course with the job or the work experience if possible (depending on the program).
  • Travel Work will monitor the progress of the candidate from Spain, so the candidate will be contacted during the stay.

The procedure fees paid to Travel Work do not include the work experience/job search. The search and intermediation for the work experience/job is free.

Ask Travel Work for more detailed information about the different programs we offer, the procedure for each programme and the procedure fees!